Hi, I'm George.

George is founder and CEO of Propeller, a design and development consultancy specializing in mobile, web, VR, and connected technology applications. At Propeller, George focuses on product, business development, and growth. Propeller boasts a resume that includes work in finance, fitness & health, media & social networks, commerce & mobile marketplaces, education, recruiting, enterprise, telematics and virtual reality.

Previously, he co-founded and ran product at a startup called Linea, an intelligent photo-sharing platform. Linea focused on using algorithms to detect and display photos based on an interest ranking. George co-authored 5 issued patents while at Linea.

Prior to Linea, George built the San Francisco office of Post+Beam, a PR and marketing firm with offices around the US. His goal was to build a design and development practice for the company to address the growing demand for mobile applications in advertising campaigns.

George is a firm believer in designing simple, meaningful user experiences and places the tenants of lean startup and agile development first. His phone is constantly out of storage from download all the latest apps from the App Store.