George Dy




I believe in design. Deliberate and thoughtful design is essential to effective communication whether on screen or in person.

As a startup operator, I've worked tirelessly to develop the skills that help me objectively evaluate teams and products and subjectively understand how networks can support or suppress growth.

In the past, I've co-authored 5 issued patents for the use of algorithms to detect and display photos based on a ranking system.




OWNER at common grounds | 2018

Common Grounds is a new type of modern eatery, opening in Oakland’s KONO District in 2019.

Founder & CEO at propeller, inc. | 2013 - 2018

Propeller is an agile design and development consultancy specializing in mobile, web, VR, and connected technology applications. Our work spans enterprise and consumer tech and includes finance, productivity, fitness & health, media & social networks, commerce & mobile marketplaces, education, recruiting, enterprise, telematics.

Notable clients: Arup, Old Navy, HeartThis (Thumbtack), Cruise (GM), Worklife (Cisco), Mixpanel, Vision Critical, Corcoran, Credible, Teneo Holdings


Linea introduced a smarter photo viewing and storage experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices by analyzing photo data and creating beautifully organized stories in a patented mosaic display.

DIRECTOR at post+BEAM | 2012-2013

Post + Beam began as a traditional New York ad agency, but  quickly morphed into a full-stack product ideation and implementation firm when it opened in San Francisco.

Notable clients: UBS, Guggenheim, Sephora, University of California, Amgas, HunterDouglas


Investing & Advising

CloudApp—Investor & Product Advisor (2015+)

  • Invested in the Seed Round of the productivity software company, which recently raised a Series A Round led by Adobe

AngelHack—Batch Advisor (2018+)

  • Advising companies for the AngelHack SF Hackathon, focused on pitch delivery and product usability design

Silicon Climate—Batch Advisor (2016+)

  • Advising environmentally-conscious technology startups, focused on product development and design mentorship

Free Ventures—Design Mentor & Batch Advisor (2015+)

  • Advising UC Berkeley’s premier startup incubator for 2 batches each academic year, focused on product development and design mentorship

Galvanize—Product & Design Mentor (2015+)

  • Advising for Galvanize’s internal mentorship program, focused on product development and design mentorship

General Assembly, DevBootCamp, Product School—Instructor & Lecturer (2014+)

  • Interim instructor and guest lecturer for several technology and startup school businesses for product design and development

  • Assisted in creating design best practices curriculum in User Experience and User Interface




Patent date: Issued Aug 6, 2015 | Patent number:us 20150221117

A request to generate templates for a template set may be received. A template set member from the template set may be selected and the template set member’s dimensions may be determined based on an initial cut. A desired number of image tiles for the template set member may be identified, and templates having the desired number of image tiles may be generated for the template set member based on logical rules.


Patent date: Issued Jul 3, 2014 | Patent number: us 20140185958

A group of images may be obtained. The number of images and dates associated with images in the group may be determined. Possible template configurations for the group of images may be determined based on the number of images and the dates associated with the images. A mosaic may be generated from the group of images in accordance with an optimal template configuration.

Tablet display screen with a graphical user interface

Patent date: Issued Dec 2, 2014 | Patent number: us D718776

Smart phone display screen with a graphical user interface

Patent date: Issued Dec 2, 2014 | Patent number: us D718778

Monitor display screen with a graphical user interface

Patent date: Issued Dec 23, 2014 | Patent number: us D719964


Education, Certifications & Competencies

UC Berkeley—Political Economics (2006–2010)

  • Co-founded largest on-campus club for technology and startups — Startup@Berkeley (2006)

  • Attended 2 semesters of UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) at Beijing Normal University — Chinese Mandarin (2008)

CSLB—General B Contractor #1043644 (2018)

Software & Tools

  • Design —, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop

  • Prototyping — Invision, Adobe XD, Marvel, Origami

  • Production/Assets—, Zeplin

  • Project Management— Pivotal Tracker, Trello, JIRA

Design Experience

  • Market & Competitive Research

  • Stakeholder & User Interviews

  • Personas & Core User Flows

  • LoFi Information Architecture

  • High Fidelity User Interface

  • Conclusory Sprint Interviews

  • Design Patterns & Style Guide

Project Management Experience

  • Apply Agile Process (SCRUM/Kanban)

  • Organize Sprint Release Schedule

  • Conduct IPMs (Iteration Planning)

  • Handle Inter-Departmental Priorities



Berkeley animal care services—mentor & dog handler (2016+)