George Dy




I believe in design. Deliberate and thoughtful design is essential to effective communication whether on screen or in person.

As a startup operator, I've worked tirelessly to develop the skills that help me objectively evaluate teams and products and subjectively understand how networks can support or suppress growth.

In the past, I've co-authored 5 issued patents for the use of algorithms to detect and display photos based on a ranking system.




Builder & Designer at common grounds | 2018

Common Grounds is a new type of modern eatery, opening in Oakland’s KONO District in 2019.

Founder & CEO at propeller, inc. | 2013 - 2018

Propeller is an agile design and development consultancy specializing in mobile, web, VR, and connected technology applications. Our work spans enterprise and consumer tech and includes finance, productivity, fitness & health, media & social networks, commerce & mobile marketplaces, education, recruiting, enterprise, telematics.


Investing & Advising

Silicon climate | 2016 - Present

Silicon Climate is a non-profit that empowers entrepreneurs to build and scale bold tech solutions in the fight against climate change.

CLOUDPLUS (CLOUDAPP) | 2015 - Present

CloudApp is a video and media sharing platform for organizations, enabling anyone to quickly create, upload and manage visual content.

Free Ventures | 2015 - Present

Free Ventures is UC Berkeley's student-run accelerator program, connecting Cal's brightest minds to industry-leading mentors, investors, and resources to help make their vision a reality.

GALVANIZE | 2015 - Present

Galvanize is a collection of modern, urban campuses where people can access the skills and network they need in-person or online to level up in tech.



General assembly, Design Instructor | 2014 - 2016

Chief Product Officer, Linea | 2013

Director of San Francisco, Post+Beam | 2011-2013

Product Marketing, Weatherista | 2010-2011